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There are two ways for input.

  1. Use files
  2. Input on screen

It is possible to draw start list in 'Event Manager' after input.

To input data, launch 'Event Manager' and select the event. If you use files, make 'Startlist.csv' and import it at first. If you input startlists on screen, click ‘Add’ to define classes at first.

There are two ways to input data.

This is a sample of startlist.csv. Pleese see 'Startlist.dat' for complete field list of startlist.csv.

Standard startist.csv

When the start draw has already been done, fill start time into startlist.csv. When the start draw hasn't done, leave start time blank. You can draw start list in 'Entry list' tab of 'Event Manager'. 'STNO' field (start number) is mandatory for Mulka2. Please enter any unique number for each participant (for example, entry number, bib number or serial number from 1). If you want, it is possible to re-arrange after start draw by editing startlist.dat in event data folder.

Start draw feature of Event Manager

To input participants information on screen, select ‘Entry list’ tab and click [Add].

Input participants information

Input start number, class, start time, card number, competitor name1 and club name1. Start number is mandatory to identify the data, but any unique number is available. It is changeable later by editing ‘startlist.dat’ in data folder directory by using MS Excel or other software.

If startlist.csv of another races exist in 'Orienteer' folder, similar runners name will be displayed in inputting. 'Orienteer' folder is placed in '...\Document\Mulka2'. You can find sample.csv in it. It is a sample file. If you want to see formats of csv file, please see it.

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