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Field name Contents
STNO (mandatory) Unique number for competitor.
CLASS NAME (mandatory) Name of the class.
COURSE NAME If the course assigned is different between competitors, write here

the course of each competitor.

START TIME (mandatory) Start time. If it will be fixed by using start draw feature of 'Event Manager', let this field blank. If the competitor can start at anytime, let this field blank.
NAME (mandatory) Competitor's name.
NAME2 Competitor's name in another language (if necessary).
CLUB Club name.
CLUB2 Club name in another language (if necessary).
GROUP:1, ... Name of the group member (for group class).
COUNTRY Nationality (if necessary).
AGE Age of the competitor.
SEX The distinction of sex. Possible Value : M or H (=Male), F or W or D (=Female).
CARD NUMBER SI/EMIT-card number.
CARD MEMO Memo about the EMIT-card/SI-card (for example, "Rental").
COMPETITOR ID ID of the competitor (if necessary). It is available for exporting results of IOF world ranking event.
PHONE NUMBER Phone number of the competitor (if necessary).
CATEGORY:1, ... If it is necessary to make ranking in other category in addition to class, fill category's name for ranking.