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When there is something strange about what the competitors did, information is shown on the warning list.
It is important to always check if there is any warning on the warning list.

How to Check the Warning List

The warnings will be shown on the Warning List at the sidebar, in the right-hand side of the Main Window.
When the warnings are shown, you should click on "Detail" to show details. Once you have checked the details, the background color will change from red to blue. When there is another warning, the color will be red again. So, make sure to check when the background color is red.

Also, you can check the warnings from the menu bar: [View]>[Warning List].
We recommend that you always turn on the side bar, so that you can always check for warnings.

Warning list shown on the sidebar.

Contents Shown on the Warning List

  • Late Start / Early Start
  • Cannot Calculate the Results(河野注:Mulka上は"cannot compete the results"になっているが、calculateが適訳)
  • DNS Cancelled
  • E-card Not Activated
  • Change of Ranking

Late Start / Early Start

This warning may be shown when the race starts by lifting up the E-card and finishes by punching the finish unit.
The time of activation is calculated by Mulka using the E-card's internal clock and the PC clock. When the time of activation is 10 seconds or more earlier/later than the designated start time, the warning will be shown on the warning list. Also, on the result list, a "?" mark will be shown for runners who have started early/late.

There are two possibilities when this warning is shown: 1. When the runner has actually started early/late; 2. When the runner has actually started on the designated start time.
Case 2. occurs when: (a) the PC clock is off; (b) the E-card clock has stopped (because more than 2 hours has passed after the competitor's finish without downloading, or the E-card has been downloaded by a MTR before downloading with Mulka2); (c) the competitor used a different E-card than the prearranged one.
(a) If the PC clock is off, you will find out easily because the same warning will be shown when downloading almost every competitor's E-card. In this case, please immediately set the PC clock to right time.
(b) If the case is that the E-card clock has stopped, you may ignore the warnings, or you may edit the event data and turn the warning off.
There are other cases when the late/early start warning is mistakenly shown.

If the competitor has started on the designated start time and is not late/early, double-click the warning message and go to the "Change Result" view. Then, check the "Started at the original start time" box. If you do not check the box, the "?" mark will be shown on the result list, so the results will not be shown properly.

Cannot Calculate the Results

This warning may be shown when the race style is not "lift-up start" and "punching finish". This occurs when the finish time is recorded but the start time is not recorded in the E-card, or the miss punch information exists but the finish time is not recorded in the E-card. In detail, this occurs when: 1. the 3rd runner has finished when the 2nd runner has not returned (in relay); 2. you downloaded the E-card using RTR2 and you checked if the competitor is DISQ or not, but the finish time information has not reached Mulka 2; 3. the finish style was "punching finish" but you set Mulka2's race style as "計時線finish".

Case 1. occurs when: (a) the 3rd runner started by restart and finished before the 2nd runner; (b) the 2nd runner finished but he had the 3rd runner's E-card so Mulka2 recognized the 3rd runner had finished; (c) the relay team mixed up the order, and the 3rd runner ran as 2nd runner.
(a): There is something wrong with the restart settings. Go to the link for instruction.
(b) and (c): You will see it is this case if you downloaded the 2nd runner's E-card but Mulka2 shows it's the 3rd runner. Go to the link for instruction. To prevent this E-card mix-up, you should put on a label on the E-card to distinguish who uses which E-card.

Case 2. occurs when you use RTR2 to download. Check the RTR2 if there is any unpaired data. Go to the link for instruction.

If you find this warning even though the race finishes by punching the finish unit, it is Case 3. Change Mulka2's setting to punching finish.

DNS Cancelled

If you input the runner as "DNS(did not start=absent)" but actually was not absent and ran, this warning will be shown on the screen when you download his E-card. When you see this warning, check the startlist to see if this runner started late or if you mistakenly marked some other runner as DNS.

E-card Not Activated

The warning "Please check the read-out result again." is shown when the E-card is not activated properly. This includes: 1. the E-card is not activated; 2. the E-card has stopped calculating because more than 2 hours passed after punching certain control. In either case, the time recorded in the E-card is something wrong. Check details by double-clicking the warning list. You can also check details by going to "Competitor Detail" and clicking the "Card Data Detail" button.
Check the "card data" list and see if the runner punched every control. Also, check the lap time (shown on the left side of the card data detail screen) and see if there is any "X" marks. If there is an X mark but the runner actually punched every control properly, click "Change Results to OK" button. If the runner is DISQ, click "Change Results to DISQ" button.

Change of Ranking

If you hadn't downloaded the E-card of a runner who finished early, the ranking will change once you download his E-card. If the ranking was thought to be confirmed but changed later on, Mulka2 shows the warning "Confirm the prizes of XX class. Now XX is placed at XX." Confirm the winners' prizes in case you see this warning.