Punch Start with SPORTident

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When a course data is configured to use the start punch, the time of start punch is prior to the time of start list. It is also possible to omit to create the start list.

Course Setting (for normal event)


Select 'Yes' in 'Punch at start'. If you don't select it, the time of start punch is not used even though a competitor punch a start station.

Class Setting (for score event)


For score event, it is configured in class setting.

Notice for late/early start


It is possible to notice when any competitor start late or early for their original start time.
The notices are displayed on 'Main Window' and 'Score-O Viewer'.


If the competitor should get penalty, open the 'Change Result' dialog and edit the penalty time. If the notice should be ignored, turn on the check box on the 'Change Result' dialog.
In this case, pre-defined start time is 10:00:00 am. The runner punches start station at 10:05:15 am. Start punch time is used for result calculation.


If you want to calculate the result from pre-defined 10:00:00 am, add 5:15 for penalty time. If you want to calculate the result from actual 10:05:15 am, set the checkbox to hide the notice.


Removing start punch time on 'Result detail' dialog is not recommended because it is putted again by reading SI-Cards.