Mulka 2 is a software for orienteering result processing. This can be used for individual, relay and score event. Emit, SPORTident and needle punching systems are acceptable.

Main Window



Web Application
Start Check (Suitable for smart phone)
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Supported Operating System

  • Windows 8.1/10/11
  • Some applications work with Android (Ver.4.0+)

Supported Punching System

  • Emit EPT system
  • SPORTident


This software is a shareware. The license is required when the number of competitors registered in the start list is more than 200. This software can be used without a license for small events, where the number of competitors registered in the startlist.dat file is less than 200. The cloud service (web application) is not available without a license.

Standard club license (JPY 10000)
Under this license,
- Proper members of the club can install the software to their PC and use for every event.
- Organizers of events which are organized by the club can install and use for only these events.
- Organizers can use the cloud service.

Please send an email if you want to order a license.

Subject Mulka2 License
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