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As soon as every runner has started, ask the organizers at start for information about runners who did not start (due to absence, injury, etc.). We call this DNS runners. Enter DNS runner data in Mulka2 as shown below.

Communication with Organizers at Start

Communication with the organizer who handles Mulka2 and the organizer at start is very important. Before the event, make sure to decide "when, who, whom" will tell information about runners who did not start.
It will be convenient if you prepare a startlist with a column in which the organizer at start can record competitors' absence/late start. You can download a sample startlist from here: [1] (.xls file) You should also prepare paper where the organizer can write down late starters' actual start time.

Inputting DNS Runners into Mulka 2

If you know the DNS runners' start numbers, you can input them into Mulka 2 using the "DNS Input" screen. See below for instructions.
If you do not know their start numbers, you should use the "Still Running List" to individually set the runners as DNS. See below for instructions.

Using the DNS Input Screen
Main Window: [Input/Edit] > [Input Absent] or Ctrl+N
Input the DNS runner's start number and press Enter. This is all you have to do, so using this screen, you can quickly input DNS runners.
Before inputting, make sure the runner is absent(DNS), not Late Start.

Faulty Information
Sometimes, information about DNS runners is wrong. This happens when for example, the organizer at start marked the runner DNS because he did not show up at his start time, but actually he started late, which the organizer at start did not know.
In this case, there are two possibilities. One, if you try to mark the runner DNS after he had already finished running, a warning will be shown and you will not be able to mark him DNS. Two, if you mark the runner DNS before his finish, a warning will be shown when you download his card, and the runner's DNS will be cancelled. In either cases, there is something wrong in the communication between you and the organizer at start, so make sure to check for mistakes in the start list or the late start list, together with the organizer at start.

Using the Still Running List
Main Window: [View] > [Still Running List]
Double-click the DNS runner's name. The competitor information will be shown on the screen. Then, click the "Absent" button on the bottom right. Click "OK" to change the runner into DNS.