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Flow of operation

  • Before the race
    • Create an event data
    • Input participants data
    • Input courses data
  • On the race day
    • Input direct entries
    • Download runners’ card data
    • Print results
  • After the race
    • Publish results to website

Start Menu

Network Manager
Network Manager is used when Mulka2 is used by multiple computers via a network.
It is also used for connecting cloud server to use cloud service (web application).
Main Window
Main Window is used for non-score event's regular operation on the event day.
This function is used for starting Score-O Viewer (a tool for Score-O data processing) and Large Screen (a tool for outputting the data to a big TV screen) and so on.
Event Manager
Event Manager is used for creating event data (original setting for each event).
Configuration is used when you want to change font name, size and location of data folders.

Before the race

In standard event, make a new event data by using 'Event Manager'.

For standard foot-o competition, it is necessary to input entry list and class and course data. For training event, you can omit entry list by using ’Direct Entry' feature or 'Orienteer Name Database' feature. For score-o event, it is necessary to input score for each controls instead of course data.

On the race day

Software which is mainly used is different by event style. 'Main Window' is used for non-score race and 'Score-O Viewer' is used for score race.

Launch Main Window or Score-O Viewer

Saving data

All data with 'Main Window' and 'Score-O Viewer' are automatically saved in real-time. Do not worry about missing the data.

  • The processed data are saved in a file named 'changes.dat' in the data folder.
  • The 'changes.dat' file records all change tracking as text format. It may be possible to edit the raw data directly.

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