Test Run


If you used your E-card card on the test run, you can download the card and check the results.

Whether you use Mulka2 or MTR

You may either use Mulka2 or MTR to check the test run result. You can check if the test runner visited every control in the correct order, and what the result time was, by only using the MTR. There are pros and cons of using MTR or Mulka2, so decide which one to use depending on the situation.
If you use MTR to download, you can check easily by using only the MTR (and a printer). MTR is light and easy to use, therefore, the test runner can carry the MTR himself and download his E-card on his own.
On the contrary, if you use Mulka2 to download, the results will be shown, clearly and neatly, on the PC screen. Also, by downloading the card on Mulka2, you can check if there are any mistakes on the Mulka2 course data. However, in order to download the card on Mulka2, everything needs to be prepared: the PC has to be turned on, the Reading Unit has to be connected to the PC, etc.

How to download the test runner's E-card using Mulka2

Menu: [Emit/SI]>[E-card] or [Ctrl+E]
The screen should say "Select a mode," so select "Test Run Mode." Next, select either "MTR" or "Reading Unit" depending on the equipment you are using, and the COM port number which the equipment is connected. Click here for instructions on how to check the COM port number. Also, click here for instructions on which equipment (MTR, reading units) to use and how to connect the equipment to the PC.
If you set the E-card which the test runner used on the reading unit/MTR, the results will show on the screen. The course the runner ran will be automatically detected. You can also confirm the details by double-clicking the runner's name on the list below.
If the test runner did not punch the Finish control, the message "Finish unit/station is not checked" will be shown. If the course data recorded in Mulka2 is different from the data recorded in the E-card, the message "Wrong Punch," etc. will be shown. Please make sure to check which was wrong: either the course data or the test run.