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Before the event starts, you should set the clock of the PC which Mulka 2 will be used to accurate time, as well as your wristwatches. Because PC clocks tend to go off time easily, you should synchronize the time of PC clock with your wristwatches right before the event. When you use multiple PCs, first set one PC clock manually, and then sync other clocks to the first clock's time using Mulka 2. Follow the instructions below.

How to manually set the clock

Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Set the time and date > Change date and time...
You will see the property screen. Use a wristwatch which you have already set the time, and sync the time of the PC to the wristwatch. In order to do this, type in a time a bit ahead of now, and click the "OK" button at the very moment(or 0.2-0.3 seconds before) the time of the wristwatch reaches the time you typed in. Try again if the synchronization didn't go well.
Note: You may also use the "time" command in Command Prompt.

How to synchronize time using Mulka 2

After you have set the clock of one of your PCs manually, use Mulka 2 to synchronize other PCs' time. Open "Network Manager" and "Main Window" for every PC you will use. Then, for each PC, click on the Main Window's menu bar as follows: [Tool] > [Network Time And Sync]. On the screen, you will see the PCs on your network. Wait for a few seconds, then click the "Synchronize only this PC" button, select the PC which you have manually set the clock, and synchronize the time of your second PC.