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Mulka2 is also compatible with score-O and rogaining. To deal with them, use the "Score-O Viewer" instead of the main window. Preparation is also a bit different, for example you have to set score per each control, time limit, late penalty (score deduction when the competitor exceeds the time limit), etc. Proceed the preparation by creating Startlist.dat > import into event manager > do other settings.

Creating Startlist

Create Startlist.dat just as point orienteering. The difference is that everyone starts at the same time. So write the same start time for every competitor on the startlist. Other than start time, also write their start number, class, name, club, EMIT/SI card number, notes, etc. If they compete as a team, create categories named "GROUP:1", "GROUP:2"... and write in the other teammates' names. If one person/team use multiple EMIT/SI cards, create categories named "CARD NUMBER:2", "CARD NUMBER:3" and write in their numbers. (You can use three EMIT/SI cards at maximum)

Creating Event Data

Launch Event Manager and click "New Event".
Input the event name, date and other information. Put a check mark in "Score-O" section, and click OK.

You will see the event edit screen. Drag & drop Startlist.dat to "Drop files here to copy to a folder".
Mulka2 will detect classes written in Startlist.dat and you will see them on the screen. If there are classes other than that, manually add them by clicking the "Create" button. You can also change the class order by the "Sort" button.

For each class, input the competition time, finish closing time, late penalty and the unit number for the punching finish unit. If the number of prize winners are already decided, input that number in the "Prize Count" section.

  • Competition time: If the competition time is 3 hours, write "3:00:00".
  • Finish closing time means the competitors who finished after this time will be disqualified. (Ex. Start at 10:00, competition time 3 hours, disqualified after 3.5 hours -> write "13:30:00" in the finish closing time section)
  • Late penalty: write in how many points they will lose each how many seconds. (Ex. lose 50 pts per 30 secs)
  • Punching Finish: If you use EMIT, write the unit number you will use for finish. If you use SPORTident, just write "F".

Also for each class, you have to define how many points you get if you go to a certain control. First click "Export file for setting" and export ScorePoint.csv into your PC. Open this file with Excel, etc., and define the score of each control for each class as the image below. Then, save the csv file, go back to event manager and click "Import file for setting" to import ScorePoint.csv into Mulka2.

On the Day of the Event

At score-O/rogaining, you use Score-O Viewer instead of Main Window. Launch score-O viewer by Start Menu > Other > Score-O Viewer.
You will see a screen similar to main window. On the day of the event, use this viewer to do everything you want to do.

  • You can do direct entry from Menu Bar > [Input/Read(I)] > [Direct Entry(D)]. You will see a same screen as point orienteering except there is no section where you input his course.
  • Downloading EMIT/SI card is from Menu Bar > [Input/Read(I)] > [Read Card(R)]. When you download the card, Mulka2 calculates the finish time and score, and they will be shown on the screen. You can also automatically print the individual result sheet coincident with the downloading. Set up is done by Menu Bar > [Tool(T)] > [Auto Print Setting(A)].
  • You can also manually input and edit results. You can do that by either going to Menu Bar > [Input/Read(I)] > [Input Result(I)]; or showing the startlist, double-clicking the competitor you want to input/edit and click "Edit results".
    • If the results are already inputted, edit as you want. If you want to make a certain competitor DISQ(disqualified), click the competitor and put a check-mark on "DISQ" in the upper-right side of the screen.
    • If the results are not yet inputted, "Not yet finished" will be shown on the screen. Then, put a check-mark in the "Change" box and input his finish time. Also manually input his score.
  • To print result list, go to Menu Bar > [Print(P)] > [Result List(R)]. If you want to export result data to a file, go to Menu Bar > [Export(X)].