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When prize winners are decided, you may start preparing for commendation. Below are descriptions of how to print prize-winners list and diploma.

Check the Warning List

Before you prepare for commendation, check if there is any warning on the warning list. If there is any warning that affects the commendation, solve the problem first. Click on this link for details of the warning list. If the organizer in charge of commendation and the organizer in charge of Mulka2 is different, make sure to take communication.

Print Prize-Winners List

If you have set how many runners are prize winners, you can print the prize-winners list. You can print with any PC as far as it is connected with the printer.

[Print (P)]>[Prize List (P)]
Select the class that you want the prize-winners list, and click the Print button.
If there is a "・" marked on the each runner's results, it means their rank is already determined, which means their prize-winning is also determined. If not, it means their rank is not determined, which means their is possibility that they will not be prize-winners.

Print Diploma

Create a diploma template beforehand to print the diploma directly from Mulka2.
In the Result List of the Main Window, double-click the person you want to make the diploma, and open the Competitor Info view. Select "完走証", input information and click the "Print" button. In Mulka2, there is one pre-installed template. You can edit this template by going to
(the folder where Mulka2 is installed)\Mulka2\Style\Default\Print\Competitor\PersonalReport
PrintDiploma.xml defines the general style, PrintDiploma.xsl defines the printing position and font size, and Diploma.jpg is the background image. For further details and customization, please contact me.

You can also print the diploma using external applications (Microsoft Word, etc.). To do this, first export runners' data by [Export(X)] > [Other(O)] > [競技者結果データ一覧(CSV形式)]. Then open the .csv file with Excel, etc. and copy/paste runner's data on the diploma.