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Mulka 2 is a software for orienteering result processing. This can be used for individual, relay and score event. Emit, SPORTident and needle punching systems are acceptable.

Main Window




Supported Operating System

  • Windows 8.1/10/11
  • Some applications work with Android (Ver.4.0+)

Supported Punching System

  • Emit EPT system
  • SPORTident


This software is a shareware. The license is required when the number of competitors registered in the start list is more than 200. This software can be used without a license for small events, where the number of competitors registered in the startlist.dat file is less than 200. The cloud service (web application) is not available without a license.

Standard club license (JPY 10000)
Under this license,
- Proper members of the club can install the software to their PC and use for every event.
- Organizers of events which are organized by the club can install and use for only these events.
- Organizers can use the cloud service.

Please send an email if you want to order a license.

Address Matoba-mail.gif
Subject Mulka2 License
Body Your e-mail address and club name


email : Matoba-mail.gif

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