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Here are instructions of how many PCs and printers you need, depending on the size of the event and what you want to do at the event.

Size of the Event

  • Small event in the club or practice event
    • 1 PC and 1 printer. You do not need to set up a network. Connect the PC with a printer and reading unit, and you can do everything with that PC. You may also prepare an additional PC to share part of the work.
  • Event with about 100 participants
    • 2 PCs and 1 printer. With one of the PCs, launch the server and main window, connect the reading unit, and download EMIT/SI card. With the other PC, launch main window, connect the printer, and print results/DISQ reports, input data and do troubleshooting.
  • Event with about 200-500 participants
    • 2-3 PCs and 1-2 printer(s). Share the work with the multiple PCs/printers. For example, use one printer for printing results and one for printing DISQ reports.
  • Event with 1000 or more participants
    • Use multiple PCs to download EMIT/SI card.

What You Do at the Event

  • Give out individual result to participants
    • If you want to print and give out individual result to each participant, you will need an alternative PC and an alternative printer.
  • Live broadcast
    • You will need alternative PCs and printers. Prepare 1-2(maybe 3) PCs for the colorcaster, and 1-2 sets of PC and printer for printing live result board. If you want to show the result on a PC screen or the wall (using a projector), you will need one more PC.
  • Other needs
    • Prepare some more PCs if you think you need them. For example if the managers want to see the results for themselves, prepare one PC for them.


If you use multiple PCs, do not print with the PC that downloads the EMIT/SI card or the PC that is connected to the server. This is because printing places a load on the PC, so if you print with the PC that does essential work, problems may occur(freezing, data missing, etc.)