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OCAD Ver.8 text, IOF standard XML files and simple 'Course.csv' are acceptable. Please create a file and drop to 'Event Manager' to import.

Import a file



OCAD Ver.8 text

  • OCAD 8 and newer version can export.
  • File name must end with 'CoursesV8.txt'
  • You must configure start and finish setting after importing text file.
OCAD Ver.8 text
Click button to configure start and finish.
Click button to configure start and finish.
  • If runners finish by punching finish station, fill 'F' into text box (for SPORTident) or unit code (for emit). In other case, you must input finish time for each finish manually or use photo-cell.

Course details

  • Double click a line to define details.

Visiting order
  • Select 'Specific order' for normal event.
  • If competitors can check controls in any order, select 'No specific order'. (Competitor must check all controls. Otherwise the competitor is disqualified.)
Format of control code
  • If multiple codes of station are used at one control, describe them with '/' separator like '121/124'.
  • If you want to name the control, describe the name after the code with '#' symbol like '123#ABC'. Names are used in printing splits.
  • If a time of specified leg is excluded from running time, describe '*' symbol before the code like '*151' in end control of the leg.
Other specification
  • Maximum number of controls is 199.

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